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Engage Clients With Clinics, Events & Adventures

We always have lots of fun events, adventures and clinics for our clients to sign up for. Some of them are free clinics and some are events and adventures that our clients pay for. All of these events keep our clients active, happy and engaged in our business. They also bring in new clients and potential…

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Fit Pros: Evaluate 2021 & Plan For 2022

It’s time to evaluate the last year and plan for 2022 I recently asked our team to complete our manager evaluation and 2022 planning form. Our Manager Evaluation and 2022 Planning Form includes the following: Survey style questions: Overall job satisfaction survey Open ended questions asking our team’s opinions on the following: If we are…

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Top 2 Ways to Create Walking Billboards

We are constantly doing things to ensure that our brand, our business, our studio and our trainers are top of mind when people in our community are thinking about improving or maintaining their health and fitness. One of the many ways we do this is by creating walking billboards! That’s right. We LOVE to have…

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