Consulting & Speaking

Consulting Services

Do you have specific areas of your fitness business that you could use advice and direction from Fitness Professionals who have been there and done that? We’ve consulted fitness owners and directors throughout the world how to reach new heights of business success. Don’t endure frustration any longer – schedule a consultation to get the answers you need for the results you deserve!

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Speaking Services

Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education provides world-class, educational workshops and presentations to fitness leaders all around the world providing them with the skills, tools and resources to take their career to the next level.

Conference organizers and club directors can choose from an extensive number of Personal Training, Group Exercise, Exercise science, Muscle-conditioning techniques, Athletic training, Business management, Leadership, Motivation, Behavioral Change and more.

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Corporate Wellness

In a world where health care costs are taking a huge bite into corporate profits and making it very difficult for small businesses to survive, implementation of programs that yield a reduction in these costs, or at least contain them, are no longer elective, but rather a necessary consideration for a financially prudent organization. A well-designed wellness/fitness program with a strong nutritional and fitness lifestyle emphasis will directly meet this need.

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Presenter Guidelines

We have been consulting, speaking at conferences and creating corporate wellness programs for a few decades now. This time has provided us a great deal of experience and allowed us to learn exactly what we need to do to ensure a successful end-product.

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