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Private Consulting by Northwest Fitness Education

Do you have specific areas of your fitness business that you could use advice and direction from Fitness Professionals who have been there and done that? We’ve consulted fitness owners and directors throughout the world how to reach new heights of business success. Don’t endure frustration any longer – schedule a consultation to get the answers you need for the results you deserve!

Possible discussion topics:

  • What is the best compensation structure for my team of Personal Trainers?
  • Should my trainers be employees or independent contractors?
  • How can I decrease trainer turnover?
  • What are the best marketing tactics to increase sales?
  • Which referral campaigns generate the greatest number of leads?
  • Which systems should I have in place to generate a million dollars a year in PT sales?
  • How can I teach my team of trainers to sell?
  • Should I conduct complimentary initial training sessions and if so, how do I structure them to increase sales?
  • Which computer system(s) should I use to manage my business?
  • Which stats should I be tracking on a regular basis?
  • Can you teach me some creative and fun client retention and adherence programs?
  • Can you teach me how to organize successful events?

As Needed/On Demand Private Phone Consulting

Schedule a phone consultation and seek guidance as needed.
Cost: $225/hour. 
(Minimum 2 hour total consultation time – Includes initial prep and business analysis)

Onsite Private Consulting

We’ll come to you, visit your site, see your business in action and help you restructure as needed.
Cost: $2500 per day plus travel, hotel and food

Complete Department Restructure

When you know your Personal Training department or studio is not even close to reaching it’s potential, let us show you how they generate over a million dollars a year in training revenues. If they can do it at their 5000 square foot facility in the small suburb of Vancouver, WA, it can be done anywhere. The cost of this system restructure will easily be recouped when you’re regularly generating $30,000-$90,000 a month in revenues!

Cost: $20,000 plus travel, hotel and food

Cost Includes:

  • License to utilize all Northwest Personal Training business materials, forms and systems
  • 3-1 hour Initial Phone Consultations
  • 3-8 hour Training Days with Fitness/Personal Training Director to train on new systems and guide the restructure
  • Ongoing guidance throughout program restructure and launch
  • 2-8 hour Training Days with Personal Trainers to train on new practical and business systems
  • 6 months of Online Coaching after program launch

Note: Optional but recommended ongoing monthly/quarterly follow-up trainings at $2500 per day plus travel, hotel and food.


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