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Fit Pro Businesses NEED a Corporate Manual

It is January and, for most fitness businesses, this is the busiest and most profitable time of year. Is your fitness business thriving? Or is your fitness business struggling to stay organized and proactive? Over the last 24 years of running Northwest Personal Training I have found that having a comprehensive corporate manual is essential…

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Learn to Run a Spring Weight Loss Challenge

We are currently preparing for our annual Spring Makeover/Weight Loss Challenge. This is our biggest “extra” revenue generating program of the year. We generate about $20k in extra revenue with this program every spring. We normally start the Spring Makeover Challenge in mid April. That means we need to get everything prepared with our personal…

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Why NOW is the Time for Corporate Wellness Programs

Here at Northwest Personal Training, we decided that NOW is the perfect time to reinvigorate our Workplace Wellness program.  Why now is the time to start or revamp your corporate wellness program: Many employees are stressed, overworked and on edge more than ever. COVID-19 has increased work stress for many employees. Many employees are working…

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