Learn to Run a Spring Weight Loss Challenge

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We are currently preparing for our annual Spring Makeover/Weight Loss Challenge. This is our biggest “extra” revenue generating program of the year. We generate about $20k in extra revenue with this program every spring.

We normally start the Spring Makeover Challenge in mid April. That means we need to get everything prepared with our personal trainers, post the challenge on our website and start recruiting participants.

Want to know how we run this program in a way that helps our clients, our trainers and our bottom line?

Here you go….

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How Does the Challenge Work?

All participants will be assigned to a group and the groups will compete against each other throughout the challenge. Clients can either be randomly assigned to a group or request a certain group.

Clients can do this challenge on their own, by working with a trainer privately or by participating in our Group Training classes.

They can make this challenge as self-motivated as they like or they can utilize our services to help them through the process and maximize their results.

We encourage clients to come to the studio at least once per week to weigh-in, check their progress, and adjust their behaviors accordingly.

Many benefit from daily or every-other-day weigh-ins during this type of weight-loss challenge.

We encourage clients to book these weigh-ins into their calendar. We like to record and monitor their progress.

If clients have any questions or concerns or just need a motivational boost, they can contact their team trainer. 

Program Launch

Clients will attend our program launch hosted at our Northwest Personal Training Studio.

At the program launch clients will be weighed in and provided with exercise and nutrition guidelines to help them transform their bodies!

Note: If a client cannot make it to the program launch, they must be weighed in before the launch date.

Final Weigh-in

The final weigh-in will occur during the last week of the challenge unless otherwise arranged.

All results must be in by a specific date….no exceptions in order to calculate results.

How to Win

The team with the greatest percentage weight lost will be deemed the winning team (although everyone is a winner in our books!). Bragging rights go to the Personal Trainer(s) with the winning team!

Besides the health benefits and bragging rights… each week we award the individual who loses the most weight with a gift… a $25 NWPT gift certificate!

All participants will receive their finishers’ gift at the end of the challenge!

The idea is to run a program that will motivate and challenge your clients (and non-clients) to reach their health and fitness goals, create a little healthy competition between trainers (which can also increase their sales), have an exciting program to promote on social media, in emails and in press releases and to create a bunch of extra revenue for your business! Give it a try this spring!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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