Boot Camp Breakdown

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We are offering FREE weekly outdoor boot camps this summer. Each trainer will take a turn hosting a boot camp. This is a win/win for everyone…..our community, our clients and the boot camp could bring in new clients to our fitness business. You should give this a try at your fitness business!

Breakdown of My Outdoor Boot Camp:

Arrive early to greet people, have them sign in for attendance awards, sign waiver (if 1st time).

Make sure to have a first aid kit with you.

I had everyone bring elastic tubes wrapped around their waist.


Light jog/walk. Try circling back and/or perform exercises to regroup so you don’t leave the walkers behind.

Have participants partner up. Then have them do partner rows and torso rotations.

Resisted runs with their partner for 100 meters, 10 jump or low impact squats and 10 pushups (knees, toes or fence). 2x for each partner.

30 seconds of lateral leaps to the left and 30 seconds lateral leaps to the right, 10 back rows balancing on one leg so 20 rows total and then resisted tricep kickback. 2 Sets.

50 meter lateral shuffle one way, 50 meters the other way. Then 10 burpees (high and low impact options). Then 50 meter karaoke shuffle one way and 50 meter the other way and finished with 10 more burpees.

15 tricep dips. Then stair runs up and down through the entire set of stairs. Then another 15 tricep dips. Another set of stair runs finishing with a plank and rotation.

Finish with a walk/jog. Then stop to do 3 sets of bicep curls. Do this 2 times.

Stretched them out using a wall focusing on legs/hips and chest/shoulders.

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Remember to get photos/videos so that you can post to social media! A group photo at the beginning or end is a great idea as well.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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