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Celebrate Your Staff!

Here at Northwest Personal Training we believe that creating an inviting, motivating and inspirational team is key to the success of our staff, clients, business and community. Creating this type of environment takes organization and commitment. Here are some of the benefits that we offer our staff: Monthly and Yearly Bonuses Health Insurance Continuing Education…

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Happy Trainers. Successful Fitness Business.

Over the past month you have probably read my blog posts on leadership: “How To Go From Trainer to Leader,” “Lack of Revenue? Lack of Leadership,” “A Leader They Will Follow.”  Now that you know how to become a leader and where you should be spending your time…it is time for you to learn how…

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A Leader They Will Follow

Here we are at week three of my 4 week series on Leadership in the Fitness Industry. I have explained the reason why it is important to make the transition from being a trainer to being a leader so that you can take charge of your business and grow!  You also now know why successful businesses require leaders who devote…

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