Yearly On Floor Reviews for Personal Trainers

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It is time to schedule on floor trainer reviews at Northwest Personal Training! Our Fitness & Training Director recently emailed our personal training staff notifying them that she will be scheduling time for these reviews sometime this month.

We include on floor trainer reviews in our yearly marketing plan, which allows us to plan ahead for these reviews and ensure they happen. If you don’t have on floor trainer reviews planned for this year, make sure to include them in your 2024 marketing plan!

Remember, your clients expect the very best from you and your team. Spending time with each of your personal trainers (rookies and experienced trainers) helps the trainer hone in on what is expected of him/her and allows you to give constructive feedback. Are your standards are being met? Take the time to conduct on floor trainer reviews with your staff and find out.

What to Evaluate During an Floor Review:

Arrives early and prepared for session

Appropriate attire, hygiene and speech

Gives a warm greeting to client

Checks with client on the status of their workouts/fitness routine

Has client sign in for session

Finishes session on time

Teaches exercises using an appropriate style (explain, demonstrate, client practices, quizzing)

Session is dynamic and interactive

Offers regular and appropriate eye contact

Body language demonstrates focus and attention on client/hands-on spotting

Allow Your Team to Prepare for Their On Floor Review:

Send a message to your team letting them know when you will be reviewing them and ask them to take a moment to review the task you will be evaluating them on so they know what to expect! Also, remind them that this review is a fantastic opportunity for them to….

  • Get an outside perspective on their training protocol with their clients.
  • Brainstorm on what might be missing from their client programming.
  • Areas where they are doing really great and areas where they could improve.

Having systems in place like a yearly Marketing Plan and standard review protocols is essential to the success of any fitness business. In this 5 min video I explain why systems like this are critical for fitness businesses.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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