Team Meetings: Schedule Them Now!

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Team meetings are an important part of keeping your team informed about your business, they help you team get to know each other and they are a time to share ideas. If your fitness business is anything like ours….your staff is always coming and going and never on the same schedule. That means that many of our staff will not see each other throughout the month and we are certainly never all together at one time. That is why monthly team meetings are critical for our success.

I know that many fitness businesses struggle to get their staff to attend meetings.

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We have found that there are specific actions you can take to ensure attendance at your meetings.

Schedule Your 2020 Monthly Team Meetings Right Now!

I just sent the schedule for our 2020 monthly team meetings out to our entire team. Our team knows that I expect them to put our team meetings in their calendars and to schedule their vacations etc. around these team meetings.

Make Team Meetings Mandatory

When a new staff member joins our team they are aware that team meetings are mandatory. If you decided to make your team meetings mandatory…you must pay your staff for being there. We pay our staff a set meeting wage. They are also aware of this meeting wage when they come on board with our team. No surprises!

Have A Set Agenda & Be Organized

Having a set agenda and being organized will allow you to get the most out of your meeting and will make the meeting feel worth while to your staff.

Allow For Some Social Time Before You Get Started

Remember, one of the goals of your meeting is to foster friendships and positive work relationships between your staff. Allow them some time to catch up before you get started. This will also help prevent social chatting during your meeting.

Feed Them!

Provide snacks/catering for your meetings. This shows your team how much you appreciate them and who doesn’t love free food?

A Couple Tips:

Try reading client “brag” emails etc. to the entire staff during your meetings.

Focus a part of each meeting on customer service and how important it is in our industry.

Spend some time at each meeting working on sales tactics (role playing etc.)

Keep your staff in the loop! Spend some time discussing how your business is doing. Let your staff be in the know about the business they are working for.

Try splitting up by department for a portion of the meeting so that each department has time to go over any necessary items.

Meetings are a time and financial investment that we feel are worth it to the success of our business and to our fabulous team environment that we believe is second to none. It costs us about $16/person totaling $640 in payroll costs per meeting (we have 40 team members between our two locations) and about $150 in food, not to mention our own personal time. But believe us, if we weren’t convinced it worked, we wouldn’t do it.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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