Holiday Cards For Clients

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Do you send out holiday cards to your clients around this time every year?  It is a great idea, but it can cost quite a bit.  I am going to tell you what we do get the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to sending holiday cards to our clients.

  • We create our own card using a cool service called SendOutCards.
  • We include a short holiday message and signature from each of our staff members
  • We include a team photo
  • We include two different coupons that clients love
    • The first coupon says this: “$25 Please accept this gift as a token of our appreciation for choosing us to help you reach your personal best. Simply bring this gift card to either studio and receive $25 off of your next purchase of any club service like Personal Training, Massage, Team Training, Fat Loss program, and/or Pilates.”
      • This coupon is mostly geared toward our current clients and who doesn’t love a $25 gift card toward something they would spend money on anyway?!
    • The second coupon says this: “The Gift of Fitness & Vitality! 2 Week Introductory Membership and Personal Training Session.”
      • This coupon is geared toward new clients.  We hope that our current clients will give it to a friend or family member and urge them to come in to see us.
  • Finally, we set a budget and make sure that all of our current clients will receive a holiday card (we pull their information from the software we use, MindBodyOnline).  Any remaining budget we use to send the same card to past clients that have stopped coming to see us.  We narrow down the past client list by choosing the past clients in the closest proximity to our location and then move out from there.

This holiday card approach really does give us our biggest bang for our buck.  Our clients (and some past clients) receive a beautiful holiday card from us, which makes them think of us…always a good thing  Our clients (and some past clients) receive a gift card from us, which makes them happy and encourages them to come in and see us….always a good thing.  Our clients get a reminder to urge their friends and family to come see us too…always a good thing.

So this holiday season send a card to your clients that is a win/win for everyone!

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