Help Clients Transition Back to the Gym

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One thing so many of our clients have learned over the last year is the importance of their health. Research demonstrates that if you contract Covid-19, you are also less likely to be hospitalized and die if you are fit and healthy. Besides age, overall fitness is the leading indicator of how successfully– or not– our bodies can battle COVID. That should not be a surprise to anyone.

Being healthy reduces your risks for succumbing to all disease and illness.

The message is clear. It doesn’t matter how you workout or where you workout, as long as you do it.

As a result of the pandemic, our clients have many more options for pursuing their fitness goals. When gyms were closed, many resorted to online fitness options such as Peloton, Beach Body, Nordic Track and many local fitness facilities also started to offer virtual options. Many people created at-home workout spaces and invested in equipment. Others resorted to outdoor workouts like Bootcamps, and the running and biking industry has experienced a tremendous boom.

Now that our gyms are open and we are nearly at vaccination goals in many states, our clients are starting to feel more comfortable heading back to your fitness facility. 

Give your clients the extra nudge they need to get back to the gym!

Share the reasons why it time to get back to the gym.


We feed off each other’s energy. Online classes can be amazing but there is nothing like the energy of working out in a group setting. The reality is that we typically workout harder when we are around others. Our workout tribe inspires us to push a little past our comfort zone.


Your access to a variety of equipment is greater at the gym. Treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, bikes, stairclimbers, strength training equipment, medicine balls, kettlebells, stability balls, TRX straps and so much more. You’ll be less likely to get bored at the gym.


You’ll often have a wider variety of fitness options, classes and programs at a brick-and-mortar fitness facility.


When we workout online, the instructors on our devices aren’t able to effectively monitor and adjust our technique. Instructors and trainers can help improve our form and increase safety.


Online options aren’t personalized to your goals, fitness level and body type. If you have specific needs and/or health issues, a personal trainer can create a personalized program to maximize results, provide modifications and reduce the risk for injury.


Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get moving when you’re alone at home. When you’re scheduled for a class or training session or are meeting a workout buddy, you’re less likely to skip your workout. The level of accountability provided by trainers, instructors, and your workout buddy or tribe can be extremely inspirational and help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Less Distractions

When you’re at home, the dishes are staring you down, there is laundry to do, yardwork to accomplish, and chores to complete. It’s nice to escape it all and focus on your workout without being distracted by your to-do list.


After a year of back-to-back zoom meetings and online activities, do you really want to spend more time in front of a device for your workouts? Getting out of your house just feels better.


There are negative health implications of isolation. As humans we need to be around other humans in order to thrive. The virus has upended the social element of our exercise routines and we need to assure we get some physical interaction at least a couple times per week. Studies show people release certain hormones when they exercise in proximity of others and it just makes us feel better. A sense of community is important to our overall well-being.


You may enjoy the convenience of online options but be sure to continue to support your local fitness facilities and instructors. It’s important to note that the fitness industry was completely disrupted by the pandemic. Twenty-five percent of fitness facilities closed for good in 2020 and many are still just hanging on. Consider your online options as a compliment to your gym workouts and continue heading to the gym a couple times per week or working out with your trainer at least once per week to achieve the benefits of a live workout while supporting your local favorite fitness facility.

Remind clients that heading back to the gym will be an important next step on their health and wellness journey.

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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