Fit Pro Travel Expectations

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Last week I told you all about the amazing perks of fit pro travel.

Although this is an amazing industry perk, there are some expectations that you should be aware of:



You will need to complete an application and submit a copy of your certification to Fit Bodies, Inc. 

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Registration Fee

Most of the fitness resort travel companies charge a small registration fee per trip of about $500. This is the fee that you incur for your family to attend or can pass on the fee to your guest. The resorts offer world-class accommodations, food, drink and entertainment and typical fees are thousands of dollars per person so the fees required are a fraction of normal costs. And remember, you still have to pay for your own flights.


A resort is not going to see the value of continuing a guest instructor contract if no resort guests are attending the classes.  So, it is expected and extremely important that you have fliers listing your classes and time slots posted throughout the resort in high-profile locations. It’s also important to personally invite people to your classes.  If you do a good job, your class numbers should build throughout your week.


It’s helpful and often required that you teach a variety of classes for the resort.  So, you might teach a morning Cardio and Muscle Bootcamp class, an afternoon Aquafit class and an evening Yoga or Pilates session.  Many of the resorts will allow you to customize the class schedule based on your specialties, but most require some variety. Each resort will list specific requirements, but most like to see a yoga/pilates option, an aquafit class option and a cardio/muscle class format. I have never taught at aquafit class before, but had a blast teaching this format at my last resort vacation.

Customer Service

You are still recognized as one of the staff so be ready to answer questions and be able to direct guests to an actual staff person who can help them. Get to know people’s names and where they are from.  Encourage people, applaud them for working out on their vacation, foster the development of friendships among participants and create a fun, inspiring environment. I will often finish my yoga sessions with an inspirational quote or motivational meditation.

How to Get Started:

It’s super easy to get set up to start teaching contracts around the world at these incredible resorts!

Email, check out website Fit Bodies Inc. or go directly to set up your profile on

Bottom line? You’ve got to act professionally and take really great care of people and enhance their vacation.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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