Fit Pro Marketing Rule: Don’t Sell The Braces

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I had braces all through high-school.  Imagine going through those awkward years wearing braces when the opinion of your peers was so important to your feelings of self-worth!  Well as I neared the end of high-school and was approaching Senior Prom and Graduation, I scheduled an appointment with my orthodontist and asked him to remove my braces.  And he said “No, your teeth are not ready yet!”  And I said, “I don’t care.  I want them off.  I’ve been enduring these braces for years.  My teeth are straight enough.  I’m not going to my Prom and Graduation with braces.”  So I forced him to remove the braces prematurely.  You see, most people hate wearing their braces.  They can’t wait till the day they are removed.  So why do people wear braces then?  Not because they want braces, but because they want straight teeth.  So they are willing to go through the pain of wearing braces so they can get the straight teeth.  Well, it’s the same way with Personal Trainers.  Do you think most people want Personal Trainers??  No way.  They want results.   They want to look and feel good and they recognize that a Personal Trainer is a way to help them get what they want.  So it’s critical in our marketing materials that we focus on not us or our business but rather on the results that a client will achieve once working with us on a regular basis.

Keep this in mind – people will buy any product or invest in any service if it will help them to:

  • Feel good
  • Look good, look sexy, feel attractive
  • Be healthier
  • Gain knowledge
  • Have fun
  • Save time
  • Be more comfortable
  • Feel important
  • Live longer
  • Save money
  • Achieve convenience

Most importantly, people will buy because they want to change something about their present situation.  So, it’s critical that you determine what your particular niche market wants to change and then address this in all your marketing materials.  So avoid talking about yourself and your business and instead, always focus on addressing the needs of the type of client you are attempting to attract.

You can ask yourself which triggering events might have happened in peoples’ lives to cause them to want or need your services.  For example, maybe your particular niche market is starting to experience the effects of menopause and so in your materials, you will address their specific needs.  Or maybe your market is starting to get older so you address the needs of an aging clientele.  Or perhaps you want to market to pre and post natal clients, so you address their particular concerns.  Before you write your text, be sure to clearly understand your niche market. Remember that very wise marketing strategy that says “If you see through the clients eyes, you can sell what the client buys.”  So be sure to understand your clients so you can talk directly to them.

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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