Conduct Yearly Video Reviews

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When we say that we have the “World’s Best Personal Personal Trainers” here at Northwest Personal Training we mean it. We are continually taking steps to ensure that our trainers are at their best. Conducting yearly video reviews of each trainer, group exercise instructor and customer service rep is one of the ways our staff can see themselves as others see them and allows them to hone their skills. The excellent service that our customers have come to expect from us is built with diligent efforts like this.

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Yearly Staff Video Reviews – Our Process

Each trainer will be filmed with a PT client for a 1 hour session

Each group instructor/trainer will be filmed during a full class

Each Customer Service Representative will be filmed for 30 minutes

Choose Who Will Manage This Project

We normally have a manager coordinate this project.

Who Is Taking The Video?

We decide who is going to do the filming. This tends to be a great project for interns in place of shadowing.

Schedule Time To Take The Video

Whoever is doing the filming creates a schedule based on their availability and the trainer’s client and class schedule. It’s usually best to schedule trainers first, then group instructors second and then fill in with admin team after that. Project manager should post this schedule and handout to each staff member so they are aware when they are being filmed.

Request Client Video Consent

Confirm with each private session client that they are okay with being filmed.

Quality Video is a Must

Produce good quality footage.
Try to get trainer and client in footage.
Be close enough to hear conversation.
Stay Steady.
For group classes, ask if anyone doesn’t want to be in the footage…let them know you are filming mostly the trainer and it is for educational purposes and quality control.

Save Videos

Download the footage to a designated space. Title each segment by the staff member’s name and type of session (i.e. Private or Group).

Be Flexible

Be ready to problem solve, adjust schedule and communicate any modifications to the whole team.

Schedule Time to Review Videos With Staff

Finally, managers should schedule time to review the videos with staff. You should have a standard way of reviewing the videos with each type of employee. Give praise where staff members excel and talk about ways to improve in weaker areas.

Remember, the more we seek improvement within our team….the stronger we are!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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