Consistent Cancelation Policy

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Having a consistent cancelation policy is essential to the success of your fitness business. Here at Northwest Personal Training we recently reminded our staff of our cancelation policy and why we do not deviate from it.
Our policy states that if a client cancels within 24hrs of  their appointment then the client is charged for that session.

Keep a Consistent Cancelation Policy

Do not deviate from your cancelation policy. When you do deviate from your policy, it sets the precedent that your clients can be inconsistent and that your time as a trainers is not valuable. If you deviate from this it sets the wrong expectation with the client and it is very difficult to reverse that expectation.

Not upholding this policy means your fitness business and you/your trainers will lose revenue.

Under very rare circumstances such as a death or a car accident we allow our trainers to use their discretion to early cancel, but these are very rare exceptions to the rule.

Reference Your Cancelation Policy Early and Regularly

It is important to have the conversation about your cancelation policy early in the process of onboarding a new member/client. Your cancelation policy should be readily available in the paperwork your clients sign when starting to work with you. That way, you can reference it if needed.

Also, make sure to regularly reference your cancelation policy even after a client has been working with you for awhile.

Try reminding clients of your cancelation policy when booking or confirming an appointment try saying “Now if for whatever you reason you need to reschedule, please give us 24 hours notice so we can book another client into that time slot.”

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Options We Give Clients if They Late Cancel:

  1. Reschedule with their usual trainer or another trainer during the same day at a different time.
  2. Have the their trainer provide them with an at home or gym workout to be completed later.
  3. Their trainer spends the allotted time working on that client’s programming.
  4. Their trainer can send them a virtual workout/class.

Having a clear and enforceable cancelation policy is essential to the success of your fitness business. Take the time to ensure your cancelation policy is clearly stated in your new client paperwork and that it is being followed within your fitness business.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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