Take Care of Clients When Trainers Are On Vacation

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It is summer and many of us have fun vacations planned. Here at Northwest Personal Training we encourage our staff members to take time for themselves. We do ask our Personal Trainers to tell their clients about their upcoming time off and to take the proper steps to ensure their clients will be well taken care of while they are gone.

NWPT Personal Trainer Vacation Request Checklist

1 – Find A Sub

Reschedule your clients into other trainers schedules and then inform your clients who they will be training with while you are away (introduce them to the trainer if possible).
If they choose to cancel or double up on sessions with you before you leave, that is available to them too, but we want to make sure they are continuing their scheduled sessions uninterrupted as possible.

2 – Vacation Fill In Form

Fill out a Vacation Fill In form. Be sure to include all important information, including the client’s contact information. The substitute trainer may need to contact the client.

3 – Update All Client Files

It is essential that all of your client files are up to date so that the substitute trainer has every piece of information he/she needs to have a successful session with the client.

Personal Trainers can go on vacation AND clients can still get their workouts in. All it takes is a plan!
Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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