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Valentine’s ideas for Personal Trainers

Hey Fitness Pros, 1 week until Valentine’s day.  A couple action steps to inspire people to think ‘give the gift of fitness’ to their special loved ones. 1.  Get in the habit, and train your staff, to ask each client over the next week “Do you need to pick up a Valentine’s Day gift certificate?” …

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Striving for excellence in the Personal Training business

Hey Fitness Pros, “Anyone need advice on making the transition from 5.12 to 5.11?” I saw this quote today.  Climbers will understand the significance of this. 5.12 is a much harder climb than 5.11 and the message is, it’s easy to go backwards, to do what you’ve done before, to choose the easy road….but true…

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What are you doing for your clients?

Hey Fitness Pros, What are you doing for your clients for the holidays? Here’s some ideas… 1. Thanksgiving workout. We’re doing a special class and also hosting a Flag Football and Ultimate Frisbee event. Clients can burn all the Thanksgiving dinner calories before-hand! 2. Holiday specials. We offer our biggest specials of the year right…

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The most critical business action you can take!

Hey Fitness Pros, As things start to wind down for the Holiday season, now becomes the most important period of time for me. It’s when I put aside time to plan and prepare for 2012. Remember the saying “Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail!” We want to enjoy an incredible 2012 year and so…

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How to get lots of people to your gyms and training studios…

Hey Fitness Pros, We offer educational seminars at our studios each month that have attracted up to 80+ people for two important reasons: Customer Service Initiative – offer education, knowledge to our existing clients about topics they are interested in. We believe if they know better, they can do better!  Knowledge + Action = Results!…

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Big Problem in Personal Training industry – Lack of Regular Program Updates

Hey Fitness Pros, In my next few blogs, I wanted to touch on a few items that I believe would elevate the professionalism and standards in our industry. Please leave your comments at the end of my blog and let me know what you think. Am I on the right track or out to lunch?!…

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4 things to reach Million Dollar Personal Training success

Mud crawl

Getting crazy for March Muddy Madness

We make it a family event

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5 critical steps to business success as a Personal Trainer

Hey Fitness Pros, I hope you’ve survived the January rush and business is still flowing in.  It’s been one month since many of our clients have set New Year’s Resolutions and of course, it’s our job to provide the guidance, support, education and kick in the butt that our clients need to keep them on…

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Lessons from Jack LaLanne for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

Dear Fitness Pros, I am so excited to relaunch my Business of Personal Training blog. It’s got a new look and feel with functioning that should make it more user-friendly for you and easier to interact and post comments. My goal is to blog two times per week and provide you with technical, practical and…

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