Join Me This Summer at IDEA World & canfitpro

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Continuing to grow and learn as a Fitness Professional is critical to your success. I have seen the this ring true over and over again in our industry. Be the Fitness Professional who is on the cutting edge, has the info to help their clients AND that is successful!

I will be presenting at 2 Fit Pro conferences this summer and I hope to see you there!

2023 IDEA World

Gentle Yet Powerful Workout Design on July 15th at 9:30am:

With the popularity of HIIT, Tabata, CrossFit, Insanity and other intense workout formats, the general population is getting the message that you must go hard all the time to see results. As a result, incidences of chronic injuries are increasing. This session will review techniques for helping clients achieve life-changing results without beating them up and breaking them down. Training smarter and not always harder is gentler on the body yet very effective and powerful!


Sell to Survive & Thrive on July 16th at 7:30am:

Sell. The four-letter word trainers hate but need to learn to love. In this session, you’ll learn the words that enhance the selling process, how to overcome typical objections and how to develop a first phone call or consultation script. You’ll review the best ways to perform a complimentary session, how to effectively encourage client referrals and which phrases to use when it’s time to “close the sale.” You’ll walk away from this session with the skills needed to generate more revenue and the confidence to close sales easily.

Register before June 16 and get the lowest price! Save an additional $20 when you use my code: SAVE20MCMILLAN See you there! #ideaworld23 #ideaworld #ideafit #ideahealthandfitness 

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canfitpro 2023

Courage to Achieve Your Personal Best – Resilience, Longevity, Surviving and Thriving in the Fitness Industry  – Friday August 18th 8am

Pricing, Programming and Profits – Friday August 18th 2018 – Friday 18th 4pm

Leadership Skills for Personal Training and Fitness Directors – Saturday Aug 18th 8am

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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