Fit Pros: Evaluate 2021 & Plan For 2022

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It’s time to evaluate the last year and plan for 2022

I recently asked our team to complete our manager evaluation and 2022 planning form.

Our Manager Evaluation and 2022 Planning Form includes the following:

Survey style questions:

Overall job satisfaction survey

Open ended questions asking our team’s opinions on the following:

If we are meeting our mission, vision and moto?

If we are meeting client needs?

If they are receiving support from their managers?

If their managers are organized and give clear direction?

Things we can improve on

How our group training program is going and what can be improved

What new equipment would they like to see at the studio?

What workshops and specialty classes should we add/remove?

Award nominations:

Personal Trainer of the Year

Most Improved Personal Trainer of the Year

Admin/Customer Service Rep of the Year

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I give our team about a week and a half to fill out these forms and get them back to me. I review each of them, share feedback with our managers and use the information to create our marketing plan for the following year.

If you haven’t done this yet….now is the time! Make 2022 your best year!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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