Fit Pros: Back to Masks?

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It feels like we are on repeat right? Back to masks at fitness facilities?

Here in Washington State our Governor recently announced that masks are required indoors whether individuals are vaccinated or not. Governors across the country are making similar decisions.

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So, how do we keep our spirits high and get through this as fitness professionals?

Here is what I shared with our team at Northwest Personal Training.

I hope it helps you and your team stay motivated and strong both for yourselves and for your clients.

“The only thing we can hold onto is we’ve done this before and know we can get through it again.

We must stay strong and positive and continue to focus on our most important mission and that is providing every possible option for our clients to focus on their health.

I will post a video and prepare an email for our clients to communicate the details and their options.

When communicating with clients, you can reassure them and inspire them to continue to focus on their health.

They have many options:

They can continue working out at the studio with a mask on.

As trainers, you can….

Reduce the intensity of sessions.

Provide more breaks and if needed.

Clients can remove their mask to get a quick drink of water or just take a breathing break as long as you maintain 6 feet distance when masks are off.

Reassure clients that we have the strictest safety protocols in place which include upgraded HVAC and highest air turnover and outside air being pumped into the studio, we have continued with individual stations, controlled access, constant cleaning and disinfecting, and more.

They can transition their training to outdoors without masks on.

They can return back to virtual training without masks.

Let’s do our best to assure they don’t allow this recent mandate to detour them from focusing on their health and fitness.

I’m sorry we all have to go back to wearing masks again. I know it’s not fun and it’s not easy and it feels better to be able to see each other’s smiles and talk and be heard more easily. Try hard not to let this get you down. We’ll get through this together!

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts at keeping our clients’ and each other safe.”

Share with your staff! Let’s all keep up the good fight.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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