2016 Fitness Business Pep Rally

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11219519_10153477987408607_7624280954943377430_n2Here’s some tips to ensure you set the stage for an incredible 2016.  Think of this as a 2016 Fitness Business Pep Rally! Share with your team….

Be at Your Best:

Well, as a fitness professional, we expect that year-round, right?! But it’s even more important in the beginning of the year. You can’t afford to be away or sick – your clients and classes need you! So get lots of good sleep, eat well (lots of fruits and veggies) drink lots of water and take your Vit C or Echinacea if you’re feeling run-down. Put your game-face on no matter what is going on – you need to be positive, energetic and customer-service oriented. It’s show time!


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Be Present:

If you can help it, try not to be away over the next few months. In the fitness industry, it’s important to be present and at your best in January-March and September-November. The best time to schedule holidays in the fitness industry is July & August and December (keep that in mind as you plan your 2016 vacations.)…see more info on our time off policy.

Be Mentally & Physically Prepared to Work Hard:

You might need to stay late, come in early, work on a weekend. You might be juggling multiple tasks. You might be doing things that aren’t part of your normal job responsibilities. You should be prepared to take phone calls, do tours and be really good at this. Be ready to find out what a clients’ needs are and to show them how you can help them. Be genuine and honest and highlight how much we will take care of them.

Hone Your Skills Now:

We all spend a lot of time and $$ to get people to check us out, so we all need to be masters of the phone scripts and tours so we can highlight what we are all about when potential new clients do come in! What a waste it would be if an individual is motivated to call or come in to check out your business and their first impression is a poor one. Focus on customer service!

  1. Everybody has to be ready for a lot of phone calls and drop in tours (and help out in any way needed if things start to get backed up). Listen for the phones. Let your fellow team mates know when you are available to help out in any way.
  2. Your Customer Service Representatives must always be control of your situation and the studio. Know who might be available at all times to take a phone call or tour if you get crazy busy at the front desk.
  3. Note, if someone calls and you can’t give them adequate attention and service, it’s perfectly okay to say “I’m so sorry, I’m just taking care of one of our clients right now. Can I please take your name and number and I will call you right back so I can focus my attention on you”.  People will appreciate that and it will give them a better impression than you trying to juggle too many things and not really taking care of them.
  4. Have your phone call scripts and tour forms ready to go to help guide your staff and ensure the process is smooth and professional. Remind your staff to always take control of the conversation and use their scripts. First and foremost, be sure your staff knows to connect with potential new clients, develop a good relationship and understanding of their goals and encourage them to come in and try out YOUR facility.

Do you have a touring protocol? Make sure your staff is using it! And remember, the most important thing is to listen to them, find out their needs and then show them that you are the ones who are going to help them reach their goals.

Get in People’s Minds:

Now is the perfect time to call or email those clients who haven’t been in for a while or haven’t made the commitment to join yet. Now is the perfect time to ask for referrals. As people are thinking about fitness, you want them to think about you! Hand out those trial passes to everyone you know, book those comps and help inspire a lot of people!

Use Social Media:

Get the buzz going and help share the message to your sphere of influence. Ask your staff to like and share any upcoming programs or events. Post and invite people to participate. Also ask your staff to tag and message those who they think would benefit. Give people the opportunity to say YES!

I hope the beginning of the year excites you as much as it does me. I love coming into our studio when classes are energized and at capacity, the private area is full and the studio is just humming. It always makes me feel like we’re really doing a good job and are positively impacting our clients’ lives. So embrace the busyness and celebrate it!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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