Turn Tours Into Sales. Consistently.

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Do you have a specific way that you and/or your staff turn tours into sales? If a potential new client has taken the time to walk into your business, they are interested in your services! Your job is to prove that you can help them. If they walk out without booking a complimentary session, workout or purchasing any of your services, then you haven’t done a good job convincing them that you can help them achieve their goals. That doesn’t help the potential new client and it doesn’t help your sales!

All of the staff here at Northwest Personal Training have practiced and perfected our simple way to give tours that almost always turn into sales!

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Consistent and Successful Approach to Turning Tours Into Sales:

Greeting a Potential New Client:

Guest is immediately greeted by one of our Customer Service Reps. Hi there, how can I help you?”

Then we use our Guest Registration Form (which asks things like “are you exercising right now?” “Can you tell me why achieving these goals is important to you?” “What has prevented you from achieving these goals in the past?”…  and more) to guide their questions.

The conversation with the potential new client should be interactive. Be sure to comment on their answers to the questions. Take notes so you can be clear on exactly what they are doing and what they want to accomplish.

The most important thing is to develop a relationship with the guest. Help them feel comfortable with you and your facility.

Once you have completed the Guest Registration form and determined the individual’s needs and goals, it’s time for the tour. We have our staff memorize a Tour Basics Script that walks them through exactly what to point out and what to say about specific services that we offer.

General Guidelines From Our Tour Basics Script:

Be kind, friendly, service-oriented…your goal is to find out what their needs are and how you can help them.

Introduce new client to all staff/clients. If the owner is available, introduce the new client to him/her as the owner of the facility.

Provide them with a resource folder.

Use Assumptive language…instead of “if” & “maybe”, instead suggest “this is what you’ll do”, “this is what you’ll accomplish” etc.

Ask a lot of “Yes” questions like:

  • “Don’t you love the colors?”
  • Can you see how our facility doesn’t look or smell like a typical gym?”
  • “Our trainers act as personal coaches and ensure that you stick to your program so you get results… you’ve said that type of accountability is really important to you, isn’t it?”

Explain how qualified you and/or your trainers are. List your awards, the articles you have written, your experience as a trainer, and have places along the tour where you point these things out…i.e. a framed newspaper article about your business etc.

Give a brief overview of the training options you offer: personal training, boot camps, group training, team training etc. and relate the options back to the goals the client already told you.

Finishing Touches – Remember to Ask For Their Business!

What do you think interests you most? – Private Training, a fitness membership or Group Training?

We have a great promotion going on right now. It’s a great time to get started!  Let’s get you signed up.

When do you like to workout?  Let’s see what’s available…

If the guest is struggling with making a commitment…ask them what concerns them most…try to help them make the commitment to themselves…At the very least, book them for a comp private session or comp Group Training session – No obligation – just come and try us out…

If you don’t have a specific plan for conducting tours, now is the time to put one in place. 

Interested in our tour script and other forms and procedures that we follow at Northwest Personal Training? I sell the corporate manual we use to run our successful Personal Training business. Make our procedures your procedures with the Business of Personal Training System.

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