Mix It Up For Clients & Get Serious Attention!

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In today’s world of fast paced life, social media and 100 ways to distract your clients and potential clients….it is essential that you are always thinking about how to mix up what you do for your clients and to find ways to get serious attention.

Well, that is just what I did on Monday and it was a BLAST!  Did you hear my announcement that Richard Simmons was coming to help teach our 5:30am class on Monday? I made a BIG stink about it on our social media sites, through our enewsletter and with our clients. I told everyone to come to the studio on Monday morning to see Richard Simmons.

Here is what happened:

Richard Simmons Video

APRIL FOOLS! Yep, I pulled it off. Got a whole bunch of clients and people in the community excited about this and got them into our 5:30am class and then our veteran trainer Rob Cloke did this amazing impression of Richard Simmons. This April Fools prank was has been the buzz of Facebook and talk around the community and definitely within all the people’s worlds who were there and got punked! What a great way to have fun with clients and get some serious attention?!

You can do the same thing with various other days and holidays throughout the year. Mix things up for your clients and your community on Halloween with a “Learn the Thriller Dance” like we do.


Or host a special racing event on Valentines Day like we did this year. You can have fun green foods and drinks before your group sessions on St. Patricks Day or run specials for just the women in May for Mother’s day and a special for men in June for Father’s day.  Make sure to plan ahead and use the special days of the year to keep things fresh for your clients and create excitement for your business. It gives you something to talk about, send out in emails and send out press releases about!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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