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Here at Northwest Personal Training, we believe that education + action = results, so we make it a priority to host workshops that inform and help inspire current and potential new clients to take action when it comes to their health and wellness. Our clients can’t do better if they don’t KNOW better!

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Why Host Health and Wellness Workshops?

Customer Service Initiative:

Hosting health and wellness workshops helps remind your clients of why they continue to work with you. These workshops can give your clients a wide variety of information to help them stay healthy and live their best lives. Try including monthly health and wellness workshops in your yearly marketing plan. Show your clients how truly invested you are in helping reach their goals.

Gain Exposure:

Ask your clients to invite their friends, family members and co-workers to your health and wellness workshops. Post fliers around your studio and at local businesses. Send out a press release about the workshop. Post your workshop info on all of your social media platforms and send out emails to your database. Workshops like these give you a reason to market your business and encourage potential new clients to get to know you.

Most Popular Workshop Topics

Fat Loss


Abdominal Conditioning

Healthy Back


Try Addressing Specific Populations

Baby Boomers

Osteoporotic Women

Menopausal Women




Teenage Athletes

Should Your Workshops be Free?

This really depends on your goal for the workshop. When we do our in-house, monthly workshop, we offer them for free to our clients and their guests. Our focus in on customer service and providing this added value to our clients. However, often when we go out into the community, we charge a fee to offset any costs. We offer workshops for free to everyone if we feel the marketing outreach and potential exposure for our business and our services is very high.

For example, if we know we are going to be presenting to a large group of people who are all very good, solid potential clients, we will use the opportunity as a marketing outreach and waive the fee. If you are going to host a workshop and charge the individual attendees, I’ve generally found a fee of $10-20 per lecture is manageable for most people and if you get an average of 25 registrants, the revenue will help offset the time involved with preparing for the workshop.

Try hosting a health and wellness workshop this summer. Provide important information to your clients and your community. AND gain exposure for your fitness business!

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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