Fit Pros: What To Do About Masks?

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What to do about masks at your fitness facility is most likely the question many of you are facing right now. Depending on where you are located….you may have the option to not require masks for vaccinated staff and clients. That is the situation here in Washington state. So, how do you navigate this to ensure the safety and comfort of your staff and clients?

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Here is what we are doing at Northwest Personal Training:

First, I spoke with the board for the Washington Fitness Alliance and we are all continuing with masks are optional for vaccinated individuals. This decision is partly based on our Governor’s belief that mandating mask wearing for vaccinated individuals may reduce the incentive to get vaccinated. Based on the fact that 99%+ of the hospitalizations and deaths are being reported as unvaccinated, the last thing Government officials want to do is detour people from getting vaccinated.

99% of COVID deaths are now of unvaccinated people, experts say

CDC Review

So, for NWPT, I am very happy with the safety protocols we have in place:

Maximizing air flow and air quality

Disinfecting all high-contact areas on the hour and all equipment touched in between clients


Spaced-out workout stations

Regular health checks for our team

It is also a plus that our team and our clients are generally very healthy with strong immune systems. Which is one of the best defenses against Covid and all disease. Bottom line – if you’re healthy, you’re less likely to get and spread Covid, so encourage your staff and clients to keep doing what they are doing! 

Suggestions to clients to maximize their safety at your fitness facility:

Option to mask up at all times.

Mask up as they enter and walk around the studio until they get to their workout station and then remove mask during their workouts.

Request a time slot for when we have 100% confirmed vaccinated clients – work with your customer service reps…. maybe have them start asking clients if they would like us to take a copy of their vaccination status and place it in their file. That way we’ll be able to know which time slots are available for those who want to assure 100% vaccination. This is not required and phrasing should be “Would you like us to place a copy of your vaccination status in your file?” If they ask why, you could explain that some clients who are more vulnerable, want to be able to workout at the studio when they know everyone is vaccinated. If you know or suspect a client is not vaccinated, you do not need to ask if they want to provide verification.

Request that their trainer mask up, even if vaccinated.

For your team members:

Masks are still optional if you are vaccinated. Feel free to mask up even if you are vaccinated.

As a courtesy, ask your clients or fellow team member if they would like you to mask up if you are in close proximity

Maintain distancing as much as possible to maximize safety

Continue regular hand sanitizing in between clients

This last year and a half has not been easy, but because of your commitment to keeping your clients healthy, fit and safe, we continue to navigate our way through this as best as we possibly can.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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