Boost Slow Business This Summer

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2017_trx_group_As we all know, the summer months can mean slow business for personal trainers and personal training studios. However, there are creative ways to boost slow business this summer!

We are currently working on scheduling customized team training programs for the summer months. Have you heard how our team training program is a win/win/win for our business, our trainers and our clients? My past blog post Generate Extra Revenue With Team Training gives you the details on how it works.

We will run our team training programs the weeks of June 5th – August 12th. We have asked each of our trainers to look at their schedules and pick a non-peak time to schedule a team training. Each trainer decides the theme of the team training and is responsible for marketing the team training to clients and non clients. Our Personal Trainers will make the most money during that hour if they fill the team training time slot….so it is in their best interest to fill their own team training session.

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Here are some examples of the team training sessions we have scheduled for this summer:

7:00 am Mind Over Matter – Strength Training for Weight Loss – Jamie

This team will be focused on amazing workouts that will help support your weight loss goals! Along with these workouts, you will get all of the support, guidance, encouragement and tips you need for long term successful weight loss!

8:00 am Balance, Strength & Agility – Marijka

This series will focus on challenging your mind, strength & stability. Once technique and strength are mastered you will then progress to explosive movements. This is a perfect opportunity to get the condition in a smaller setting & to be held accountable to your goals!

7:00 am Metabolic REV with HIIT, Tabata and MORE! – Alicia

This is a class full of high-intensity exercises that will boost your metabolism all week! *Salmon Creek
2:00pm Total Body Tabata – Judith Get ready for a fun, total body workout using the Tabata method. Workouts will consist of multiple rounds of 20 seconds of high-intensity lifting followed by 10 seconds of rest. You will increase your anaerobic capacity and your body will continue to burn calories even after the workout is complete!

Generate extra (and needed) revenue this summer! If you start planning now you can have team training session on your schedule for the beginning of June!

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Sherri McMillan

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