Ask For Feedback – Act On Feedback

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Customer service is the corner stone of our business here at Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education. Our customers are our bosses and as Fitness Pros our #1 responsibility is to exceed customer expectations. We go out of our way to help clients. Because of this we have built a STRONG reputation as being the BEST in our community and our referral business is stellar!

When you have happy clients they refer their friends and family and that means more clients for you!

So, how do you ensure that you are doing the things that keep your clients happy? You need to ask for their feedback and then ACT on it.

I have mentioned client surveys in this blog post and also this blog post, but now I want to provide you with the process that our managers follow when creating and distributing the survey.  We use this survey to help us create our new Group Training Schedule and to get general feedback from clients.

Here is our Client Survey Management Protocol:

Ask for feedback

Client Surveys are distributed three times per year (November, March and July)

Rally the team – have the ask their clients to fill out the survey. You want a good sampling of responses from clients.

Ask your group exercise instructors to follow up with group exercise clients who haven’t filled out the survey and offer hard copies of the survey to help increase response numbers.

Gather all Group Training participation stats so you can review weak time slots and programs. Look for classes that are rocking it – don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke. And then if there are classes that are struggling, you need to make the decision to either change up the class format, change up the instructor or eliminate the time slot.

Provide two weeks for clients to complete the survey

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Act on the feedback you receive

Allow for two weeks to tally results. Read through all the surveys, record and keeping all relevant notes.

If a client asks a question or makes a comment that requires clarification contact the client right away.

If a client makes a negative comment regarding one of your team members, then follow up with the client and the team member to resolve the issue.

When clients make a recommendation, keep a tally of these suggestions so you can take appropriate action (i.e. 10 clients requested better music, 1 client wants you to stay open later on Saturdays, 2 clients reported shower cleanliness issues etc.)

Tally all programming suggestions (i.e. 15 clients requested an evening yoga session, 20 clients requested more Pilates programs etc.)

Create a report of all cleanliness, facility, operations suggestions and issues and submit to Customer Service/Operations Manager so they can address immediately.

Create a report of Group Training programming client suggestions.

After examining client surveys, participation stats and group trainer surveys, create a first draft for the new Group Training schedule one month before the new schedule is to begin. Use the current schedule as a template when making changes.

Meet with manager/owner to review the client survey report and proposed schedule one month before the new schedule is to begin.

Once the new schedule is approved, confirm all program and schedule details with group trainers/instructors.

Submit the new schedule with all new descriptions etc. to Operations Manager so copies can be printed, distributed and posted to our website.

New Group Training Schedule should be available for all clients at least 2 weeks before the new schedule is to start.

Once you are done with the surveys, place them in a binder/file folder or email them to each of your team members.  Ensure that each team member confirms that they have read through the survey responses. It is best to eliminate any really negative/hurtful comments and review these with the individual in private.


Remember, keeping your clients happy is essential for the success of your business!
Yours in health, fitness and business,
Sherri McMillan

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