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referral2We all know that we must remain diligent in our efforts to continually get more clients. But knowing and doing are two different things. It is easy to push things like handing out free passes and asking for referrals to the back of your “to do” list. Why do we do that and why do we think it is OK? Tasks that aren’t “due” immediately and that might be a little more difficult to complete many times end up on the back burner. It is imperative that you don’t put off your efforts to get more clients!

You should have something (or multiple things) involving actively seeking out new clients (or bringing back old clients) scheduled in your marketing plan for each month of the year.

Then you need to have someone to implement these actions…like a personal training director.



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Our personal training director just sent an email out to our team reminding them to hand out free passes and to ask for referrals. Here is her email with more info on how that works:

“You will find 10 trial gift certificate passes in your boxes to hand out to clients to give to family/friends. Please get them distributed by the end of the month so we can inspire as many people as possible to try us out in September!

Also, Justin will be putting a call list in your box. Please go through and call people that have been out and try to fill those holes in your schedule.

ALSO:) When you are going through your call list and come across some people that you think might be a good fit for Molly, please highlight their names/info and pass them along to Molly. I am sure she would be more than happy to start getting some people into her schedule!!

Thanks for your time on this and your help with filling Molly’s schedule!!”

So stay diligent! Continue to do what you can to recruit new clients and get old clients back in to your facility. The moment you let up on these important tasks is the moment you will see sales decline.

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Sherri McMillan


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