Is Your Fitness Business Making This Mistake?

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MBO computerIn all of our conversations and consultations with fitness business owners…one of the most common mistakes we notice is that business systems are not automated and centralized.

Too many Personal Trainers and Personal Training departments and businesses continue to use a manual scheduling process.

This leads to various scheduling errors, frustrations, ineffective communication processes and ultimately lost revenues.

One of the very first recommendations we make to a Personal Training department or Training studio is to invest in a Business system that will allow them to track the pulse of their business and incorporate administrative systems that allow for high levels of customer service.


We have used Mindbody Online for years and years and we have found their software to be a great fit for our small but complex fitness business. Mindbody Online Business Management system offers our Personal Training department and Trainers what we need and in a cost-effective manner. Mindbody Online keeps our business running…..scheduling, database, online product sales, marketing and more.

Mindbody Online is not the only fitness business software provider out there. So look around. Find a provider that fits your needs, but you do NEED a software system to keep your scheduling, client payments, and reporting in order. Without a solid software system in place we would not be as successful as we are today.

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Sherri McMillan

mindbody-logo2xWe proudly use Mindbody Online Software to run our business!

Contact us and ask for more reasons why, get the quick and easy run down or download specificsBest part? We stand by our recommendation and you get a discount if you follow the link or mention Northwest Personal Training.

Mindbody Online keeps our business running…..scheduling, database, online product sales, marketing and more.

Mindbody Online can save you money and time while growing your business revenues and profits. MINDBODY Business Management Software is trusted by thousands of clients in 42 countries to manage and grow their businesses. We highly recommend this company for its robust business systems and world-class customer service.

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