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Most fitness businesses take on a good portion of the marketing responsibilities and the personal trainers spend the majority of their time focusing on their clients, but if you set your trainers up for success they can help with quite a bit of your marketing efforts as well as spend most of their time with clients….

woman e-mailingAt Northwest Personal Training & Fitness Education we expect our trainers to have about an 80% productivity rate.  That means that 80%  of the time a trainers is scheduled to work should be spent with paying clients.  For example: working with personal training clients, partner training clients, team training or teaching a group training class.

The other 20% of time the trainer is scheduled to be at the studio should be used for things like:

  • Motivational and follow-up calls/emails to current and inactive clients.
  • Calls to client prospects
  • Client program preparations
  • Cleanliness checks
  • Spotting in a Group Training session
  • Marketing/Promotion trips to Local Businesses
  • Assigned projects
  • Help out at the front desk – ask if there is anything that you can help with
  • Birthday cards signed

Allowing for this 20% of the trainer’s time gives you and your fitness business the extra edge you need to keep up with Marketing and to keep your studio running smoothly.  This also only works if your trainers are employees vs. independent contractors.  Just another reason why I highly suggest that you have employees vs. independent contractors.

One example of how trainers can help market during their 20% admin time is by sending out emails to their personal clients/group exercise clients reminding them of special events you have coming up at your facility or email them to remind them of your referral program.  Internal marketing to you current clients often times has the biggest impact when it comes from the trainer they trust!

Here is a letter that one of our trainers sent out to her group training clients reminding them of our Summer Solstice Race that is coming up tomorrow!

Awesome job in class this week. Doesn’t it feel GREAT to get in here when it is all cold and rainy? This time of year the weather is ALWAYS iffy in the beautiful NW. Remember it is important to stay consistent with your workouts so you are fit and ready to have FUN all summer once the rain goes away.  Yeah!

Speaking of SUMMER… who is doing the Summer Solstice – Amazing Scavenger Race this year? It represents the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer and THAT is totally worth celebrating… don’t you think? 

Here is the format for the race:

At 6pm all participants will be given a “Clue” envelope. The clue will lead them to one of 15 locations. Once they arrive at their first location, you will receive a “Challenge” to complete. These challenges can be mental, physical, or both. After completing the challenge you will receive a raffle ticket (both parts) and a “Clue” envelope to you next location. 

To complete all 15 locations participants can anticipate covering about 4 miles, either walking or running. At anytime participants can decide to head back to NWPT without completing all the challenges.

People can compete solo or in teams up to four adults. Children 14 and under can be included in a team and not count as one of the four members. Participants need to be back by 7:30pm to enter their raffle tickets in the drawing. Let the celebrating begin!

Sign up OR read more HERE!!

You are the spirit of Northwest Personal Training and our events are ALWAYS so much BETTER when YOU are there:) I mean it!!

Encourage your team members to market to their current clients….every little bit helps!

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Yours in health, fitness & business!

Sherri McMillan


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