Fitness Facilities: Fight AND Stay ‘Open’

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My announcement to the Northwest Personal Training family about the mandated extended closure.


Here in Washington state….health and fitness facilities have been forced to close for the last month or so. I believe that we must take COVID-19 seriously and wish we could stay open. We are part of the solution and not the problem. We know know that at Northwest Personal Training we can provide a safe environment for our clients to work on their fitness, boost their immune systems and relieve stress. All of these things help fight infection and disease.

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Here are some of the steps we have taken to keep our clients and staff safe (if you are able to remain open in your area…hopefully you are adopting these types of safety measures as well):

Upgraded and strictly maintaining our hvac system

Decreased capacity to 25% so we can stay spread out in the studio

Every trainer has his/her own station

Increased sanitation all around

Strictly enforced temperature checks for staff and clients

1 in 5 of my colleagues have had to close permanently and that is disheartening, but it also motivates us to fight even harder for Northwest Personal Training. We are going to focus on what we CAN do and not what we CAN’T do and we will focus on the positives.

Clients ask: “What can I do to help my trainer?” My answer: train with them using the available options

Try virtual training

Schedule outdoor training

Just like before the pandemic began…we need to encourage clients to work with us. We need to reach out and ask for their business. We need to ask for referrals and do everything we can to increase training hours.

I am working hard to reopen and keep our health and fitness facilities open in Washington state, but even when our studio is closed we can fight for our business. We can still help clients stay healthy. We just need to get creative!

Happy New Year Fit Pros!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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