Exceptional Customer Service – Every Time

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Hopefully January and February have brought in new clients, brought back old clients and your current clients have renewed motivation to be fit and healthy. Now, lets keep them coming back to your fitness business all year long! One of the most important actions you and your staff can take is to ensure exceptional customer service….every single time your clients walk through your doors!

Remind your customer service reps and your staff that their #1 responsibility during their shift is to exceed customer expectations. They should go out of their way to help clients. Do what they can to service them. Take initiative to take care of them.

Customer Service is all about the small stuff – the attention to details. 

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– Sherri

How do you ensure consistent and exceptional customer service?

Be there for our clients and be willing to drop everything to service them! There is no client request you can’t try to accommodate!

Your training studio must be clean. Your entire team should be accountable for cleanliness.

Regularly remind your staff to be consistent. Every client should have an excellent experience every time.

Your staff should be friendly and warmly greet each person they encounter. Your character needs to be genuine.

Your staff should be knowledgeable. They should know your company, its operations, and all your services.  Make sure you and your staff can help clients with many different questions about health and fitness (stay educated by attending Fit Pro events like our Spring Fitness & Training Forum) and your services.

Be known for value. Show your clients that you appreciate them and want to give them value.

Your staff should be diligent and concerned for everybody’s safety.

With any client request that you cannot take care of on the spot, it is you and  your staff’s responsibility to get them what they need and to follow-up to ensure everything has been taken care of. Insist that your staff does not pass off responsibilities onto other staff members or managers. Encourage your staff to feel empowered and to take care of the issue themselves.

Respect your clients’ time. Be prompt and drop everything to meet their needs.

Work together as a team. You and your staff should all work together to improve the quality of service that you deliver. Share your success and failures.

And of course…..have fun! Enjoy your clients and your fellow staff members!

Share this with your staff. If you are struggling with customer service….take a couple of these initiatives and focus on them until you get them right and then move on to a few more initiatives. Before you know it, you will have created an environment where exceptional customer service is second nature!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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