6 Ways to Keep Clients Motivated

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Gyms, yoga studios and pools are closed or slowly reopening. Running and Triathlon races cancelled. It is easy to understand why clients may start to lose their motivation to workout.

As fitness professionals, we all know that the key to maintaining a commitment is to remember the ‘WHY’. Ask your clients …Why do you work out? Why do you race? Remind them that when they dig deep into their motivation, they’ll find that COVID-19 should not affect their ability to stay the course, they may just need to use a different mode of ‘transportation’.

We shared these 6 ways to stay motivated with our clients. Share them with your clients as well.

Let’s keep clients healthy and strong and keep our fitness businesses afloat!

1. Goals

It’s important to remember that the virus has not cancelled your goals. Ask yourself why you exercise, train and race? Most likely you do it to improve your physical strength and endurance, mental health, weight management, stress release and to boost your immune system. Aren’t all of those things still important, and even more so now?

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2. Obstacles 

Our entire world is being challenged right now. You can’t control what’s going on. You can only control your response and your attitude. It’s important to focus on what you can do versus what you can’t do. Athletes are used to this. If you are presented with an obstacle, you go around, over, or through. Quitting is not an option so don’t give up. Your approach may not be as planned but nothing is going as planned right now. Adapt and move on.

3. Change

If you had a routine of doing Barre three times per week, continue with that plan but just do it online. Most facilities are offering saved and/or live classes so you can continue to participate. Perhaps, you had signed up for a race that was cancelled. Most have transitioned to a virtual option so do that instead. Don’t stop just adjust.

4. New

If you normally swim and the pools are closed, perhaps this is a great opportunity to try cycling. If your favorite class is cancelled, use this time to try a different type of class online. If your gym is closed, now may be a great time to start running or hiking.

5. Accomplishment

Many of us workout, train and race because of how it makes us feel when we finish. That does not go away just because you have to do it alone or differently than before. You can still engage in opportunities that challenge you and make you feel amazing and accomplished.

6. Community

The sense of getting through something tough together is an incredible feeling. Being around other people who are inspiring, who set challenging goals and push to be the best they can be, can be extremely motivating. Even though you can’t be with your normal workout tribe physically, you can still be together in spirit. Perhaps challenge each other to a virtual race or set up a zoom workout. Participate in Facebook live workouts together. Schedule a happy hour with your regular workout buddies. You can still be together, while apart.

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Sherri McMillan

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