3 Steps To Keeping Group Fitness Fresh

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I have shared many of my group exercise success tactics with you. Today I want to focus on keeping your group fitness program fun, fresh and cutting edge.

Here are some questions to start out:

  • Do you change your group fitness schedule regularly?
  • Do your clients get a say in what group fitness classes are on your schedule?
  • Do you have a staff member who is responsible for coordinating your group fitness schedule?


I hope your answer to all of these questions is a resounding “YES”!

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1. Change your Group Fitness schedule regularly

We change our group fitness schedule 3 times per year. This keeps our program fresh, allows us to modify classes based on what our clients want, gives us a reason to market our group program and allows us to make schedule changes for our staff .

2. Know HOW you will choose your next Group Fitness classes

We send out a survey to our clients before we finalize our group fitness schedule. We ask our clients what types of classes they would like to see. What they liked and didn’t like from our previous group fitness schedule and for any other feedback on our group fitness classes. We also ask our staff about what changes they would like to see.

3. Have a staff member dedicated to managing your group fitness schedule

Our Director of Group Fitness is responsible for putting the survey together, sending out the survey, reviewing the survey and creating drafts of the the new group fitness schedule until it has been approved by myself and our Personal Training Director. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to gather all of the necessary information and time to run through multiple revisions so that you can launch your new group fitness schedule on time! Include deadlines in your yearly marketing plan.

Have plan. Have a leader. Involve your clients. Change things up. Keep your group fitness program fresh!

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Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan



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