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Sometimes clients need to be reminded of how important it is that strength train…. and hopefully….start/continue training with you! Try sending them this article I wrote for our local paper. Remind clients of all the reasons muscle conditioning is critical. Share with potential clients as well….

muscle-class-sherri“As we get older, we tend to lose muscle – approximately 7 pounds of lean tissue per decade with this loss accelerating after the age of 40.

As a result, our strength and endurance is reduced, our metabolism drops resulting in weight gain, our bone density is lowered, our posture and alignment deteriorates, our balance falters, and we experience an increase in general aches and pains. So it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that we do whatever we can to maintain our muscle tissue by participating in muscle conditioning exercise at least 2 to 3 days per week.

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Many physiologists and researchers are deeming Muscle Conditioning to be the true Fountain of Youth – the magic “pill” to reverse or prevent a significant portion of the aging process. Many of the changes people experience as they age are due to a loss in muscle mass due to inactivity…not just aging itself!  So if we can maintain a significant amount of muscle tissue as we age, we can expect to age much more slowly.

Here’s a list of some of the research and benefits of strength training:


Increased Strength

Strength training can increase your overall strength between 7.5-226.7% – that’s a huge increase!

Increase Lean Tissue Weight

You can increase your lean tissue weight by 3 pounds after 8 weeks of strength exercise. Now, remember that each pound of muscle you have on your body will burn an additional 30-40 calories every day. This definitely raises your metabolic rate – in fact, by 7%. So if you gain 3-4 pounds of muscle this equates to 90-160 extra calories you’ll be burning every day just by having more muscle on your body. This makes it so much easier to maintain your body weight and keep your body fat levels at a minimum.

Lose 4 Pounds of Fat Weight

You can lose 4 pounds of fat weight after 3 months of strength exercise, while eating 15% more calories.

Increase Bone Mineral Density

You can increase bone mineral density after 4 months of strength exercise (important for reducing risk for Osteoporosis). In one study, it was found that women over the age of 40 who strength trained not only didn’t lose bone mass but they experienced a 1% gain in bone mass.

Improved Posture

Most postural problems can be treated by following a structured muscle conditioning program that strengthens weak muscles.

Increase Glucose Uptake

You can increase your glucose uptake 23% after 4 months of strength exercise (important for reducing risk for developing diabetes).

Increase Gastro-Intestinal Transit Time

You can increase your gastro-intestinal transit time 56% after 3 months of strength exercise (important for reducing risks for colon cancer).

Reduce Blood Pressure

You can reduced your blood pressure after 2 months of strength exercise.

Improve Blood Lipid Levels

You can improve your blood lipid levels after strength training (important for those with high cholesterol).

Reduce Low Back Pain

You can reduce low back paid after 10 weeks of specific strength exercise.

Reduce Arthritic Pain

You can reduce arthritic pain after strength training. One study reported a 59% decrease in joint pain.

Increased Walking Speed

Regular strength training can increase your walking speed by 48%.

Increased Climbing Power

Regular strength training can increase your climbing power by 28%

Decreased Risk of Falling

One study of women over the age of 40 found that sedentary subjects experienced an 8% decline in balance while those women who strength trained, demonstrated a 14% improvement in balance scores.

On top of all these benefits, muscle looks good and it improves your posture so that you hold yourself better and with more confidence. You’ll move with better strength, balance, coordination and agility and your performance in your recreational pursuits will be enhanced significantly. Remember, strong is the new SEXY!”

Yours in Health, Fitness & Business,
Sherri McMillan

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