Marketing Your Events!

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Hiking Dog Mountain with clients
Hiking Dog Mountain with clients

We always have lots of fun events and adventures for our clients to sign up for. Some of them are free seminars and some are events and adventures that our clients pay for. All of these events keep our clients active, happy and engaged in our business. They also bring in new clients and potential new clients and extra revenue! Hosting fun events and adventures really is a win/win for everyone!

We encourage and remind our trainers to share these events and adventures with their clients and we want to make it easy for them to do that so all of our events are listed both on our website and on our facebook page. Having the events listed on our facebook page makes it easy for the our trainers to share the events with friends and share in their status updates. 



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Take a look at this email that our Fitness & Training Director sent out to our personal trainers asking them to help market our upcoming events:

“Here is a facebook link to all of our upcoming clubs & Clinics… be sure to invite your facebook friends and clients that you think might be interested. Especially if YOU are leading the club/clinic!

Also, here is a list of our upcoming events for you to send out to your peeps, thanks so much for all of your help promoting!!

FREE Summer Outdoor Bootcamp

Event Date(s): June 28 @ 9:00am – August 30
Do you want to lose weight, get a tight butt, toned thighs, small waist, chiseled arms and a lean, sculpted, sexy body?

View this Event’s Information »

Free Summer Bike Club

Event Date(s): July 8 @ 5:00pm, wheels down 5:45pm – August 26
With Robby
Get outside and enjoy the ride!
View this Event’s Information »

Columbia River Triathlon & Fitness Festival

Event Date(s): July 17 @ Various start times depending on event. See schedule below. – July 19
This weekend Triathlon & Fitness Festival along the Columbia River offers something for everyone!

View this Event’s Information »

Hiking Club 

Event Date(s): July 25 @ 9:00am – September 26
With Marijka & Judith
Take advantage these beautiful hikes in the northwest!

View this Event’s Information »

RunFIT Technique and Speed Clinic

Event Date(s): August 1 @ 7:00am – 10:00pm
With Derrick
Wouldn’t you like to improve your performance while also reducing your risk of injury?

View this Event’s Information »

Running Club

Event Date(s): August 4 @ 5:30pm – October 6
With Robby
Safely and quickly reach your goals!

View this Event’s Information »

Good luck marketing your events and adventures!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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