Large Group Training – You Got This

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I have shared many of my small group training tips with you, but today I want to focus on large group training. We have recently had some very large boot camp groups. Here are the strategies I use to ensure everyone gets an effective workout, things run smoothly and everyone stays safe.

When you have that large of a group, you need to consider the types of exercise, equipment, sequencing and how to divide the group so it’s not pure chaos. I choose to keep it really simple and perform mostly body weight exercises.

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My Large Group Training Strategies:

  • Divide the group into 2 groups so half is doing some kind of cardio drill while the other half does the strength circuit (lower body, upper body, core).
  • Allow 5 minutes at each station

    • Having a time limit keeps things simple. No rep counting! Have everyone do 15-20 of each of the 3 exercises and keep going until the 5 minutes is over.
  • Keep the exercises simple
    • No worrying about too many technical cues and people can easily execute the movements.
    • Exercise explanations are quick so you can get the whole group working out pretty quickly.

You can run a large group workout that everyone will be talking about… long as take a simple approach and follow strategies like these!,

Here are is a sample large group workout that incorporates all fitness components and is balanced your participants aren’t doing too much of one thing back to back.

  • Warmup
  • Squats/Pushups/Bicycles – Stairs (5 min each = 10 minutes total)
  • Stepups/Dips/Planks – Hill repeats (5 min each = 10 minutes total)
  • Lunges – Line Drills (2 min each = 4 minutes total)
  • Cool down

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