Fit Pros Should Attend The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute!

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Will you be attending the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute Feb. 24th – 27th? This important conference will be held in Alexandria, VA and it will be LIVE! This is the first live conference IDEA has held since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic.

I am so honored and excited to be the keynote speaker at the 2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute! – Sherri McMillan

My keynote presentation,  ‘Achieving your Personal Best – Resilience, Longevity and Thriving in the Fitness Industry’, will meet fit pros where they are today. Too many fitness facilities have closed and many more are struggling. The last thing we should be doing during a health pandemic is paralyzing an industry that is part of the solution. We need a stronger voice so that our government officials and health departments view our industry as part of the health spectrum and an essential service. The impact we have decreases hospitalizations and deaths from all disease and illness and should never have been shut down. We can operate just as safely as a physical therapist, physician or chiropractor.

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Check out this article for more info on my keynote presentation.

Join me at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute to connect, in person, with like-minded personal trainers, entrepreneurs and business owners and learn new strategies to impact positive, lasting change.

Yours in health, fitness & education,
Sherri McMillan

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