Father’s Day focus for Fitness Pros

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Hey Fitness Pros.

It’s Father’s Day this coming weekend and that should be a big focus all week. I’ve cut and posted some instructions I gave to our team this week. Hopefully it will help you too!

High Priority: Father’s Day is this weekend so remember to suggest gift certificates and announce our Guys Bootcamp on Saturday June 20th. Encourage our clients to do something special with their hubbies, dads, sons, brothers…As people are coming and going, try “Did you need to pick up a Gift Certificate for Father’s Day” or “Do you think you can join us for our Dads Bootcamp on Saturday” or at the very least, “Would you like one of our complimentary Gift Certificates to give to those special guys in your life” That’s an easy one because it doesn’t cost them anything and they can give to their dad, brother, son, husband. We should be able to give out a ton of these and them we’ll have all kinds of new people coming into the facility to visit with our amazing trainers…And once they see a trainer for their comp visit, I’m 100% confident they will continue and that will completely change their lives forever! Trainers – this is a great way to build your clientele base so be sure to be on top of this all week. In fact, carry a bunch of certs with you all week so you can give them to people at the grocery store, your hair stylist, your neighbor etc. So let’s make this a team effort this week. Justin – be sure to have a ton in stock and give everyone at least 2 each to get them started.

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

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