Convert Group Clients to Personal Training Clients

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At Northwest Personal Training all of our group fitness instructors are also personal trainers at our studio and this set up is a win/win for everyone. Our group fitness clients get high quality instructors who are also personal trainers and can bring their extra expertise to the group setting. Having our personal trainers teach our group fitness classes is a win for our business and here is why….

Personal trainers who are also skilled group fitness instructors have a very easy time of growing their personal training business. It makes sense. If you’re teaching a class to 20, 30, 50 or more participants… are in the spotlight. If group fitness clients regularly attend your classes, and they’re thinking about consulting with a trainer, they will most likely come to you because they already know and trust you.

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Although this situation is ideal…. not all personal trainers want to be group fitness instructors. They don’t want to put together a workout to music and have to worry about staying on beat and on phrase and cueing the right movement patterns. That is OK! These personal trainers can still use group fitness classes to grow their business.

Personal trainers trying to grow their business that aren’t group fitness instructors can try being the instructor’s assistant! Approach one of your club’s most popular fitness instructors and suggest to him or her that you will offer your services to monitor technique of the participants during the muscle-conditioning segment of the fitness class.  In return, you’ll ask them to just comment on you and your skills and services as a trainer and the benefits people could expect to achieve from working with you. Most fitness instructors would love to have a personal assistant during their classes!

There are so many ways to grow your business as a personal trainer and so many of them are right there at your facility waiting for you to tap into!

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Sherri McMillan

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