Consistent Sales for Spring & Summer

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Now is the time to ensure your sales stay consistent throughout the Spring and Summer. Get potential new clients signed up now with follow up and dedication.

Try these tips to get more clients through your doors and signed up with your fitness business:

Call Them Now! 

Have staff members call….

Potential customers who came if for a comp session and haven’t purchased.

Clients who haven’t been in for a while.

Referrals from current clients

Contacts through community outreach

Clients who have left your business

CALL THEM NOW. REACH OUT. CONNECT. DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO INSPIRE THEM TO TAKE ACTION! If you don’t connect with them, I assure you that one of your competitors will!

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Be at Your Best

As a fitness professional, we expect that year-round, right?! But it’s especially important while you are trying to keep consistent sales leading into the Spring and Summer. So, remind your staff to get lots of good sleep, eat well, drink water and take their Vit C, zinc, Vit D, echinacea, turmeric, apple cider vinegar etc. Everyone’s game-face needs to be on – be positive, energetic and customer-service oriented.

Be Mentally & Physically Prepared to Work Hard

You might need to stay late, come in early, work on a weekend. You might be juggling multiple tasks. You might be doing things that aren’t part of your normal job responsibilities. You should be prepared to take phone calls, do tours and be really good at this. It’s a pretty simple process for doing well in this area….Bottom line, be ready to find out what a clients’ needs are and to show them how you can help them. Be genuine and honest and highlight how much you will take care of them.

Lets head into this typically slower season for fitness businesses with a plan for consistent sales. Follow up, follow up, follow up and dedication to being at your best….the keys to success!

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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