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We recently ran a contest for a chance to win our Business of Personal Training System for free and we asked contestants to give us their best Client Getting Initiatives and we thought you would like to hear some of their ideas!

From Brad Hawk (winner!) Owner of Train Better Fitness – Overland Park, KS:

“Our VERY BEST client getting initiative is creating the Ultimate Member Experience built by our Core Values that brings referrals by all-star customers.

  1. Bring Your Best: We’re always “on stage.” Be prepared with a “preemptive strike” i.e. programs designed, studio cleanliness, equipment arranged for classes, vendors managed, retail displays ready, looking professional, and practice what we preach on fitness to perform our very best!
  2. Have Good Days & Great Days: Our responsibility is to be a motivational and educational coach, so we cannot allow personal matters to affect our work. It’s crucial to have a positive attitude, and that can help a customer who was having a bad day improve their mood and feel better than when they arrived at the gym. Have fun, and create the right vibe!
  3. Exceed Expectations: Create some “wow” that other gyms don’t provide. Welcome members right when they walk in, high-five them after great workouts, send them links about a topics discussed, hand out towels, set out fruit to eat, send hand written motivational notes, and always celebrate successes!

Our startup is averaging 2-4 new clients/month, and doing all of these things will help us work SMARTER, coach MORE people, and BE successful!

From Ruth Bosckis Owner of Phoxyfit – Vancouver, WA

“My clients do my best marketing work for me. But when I’m building my clientele and want to bring on a few new clients, I find success in small weight loss challenges. I did a contest a few years ago called “Get in Your Pants” (weight loss challenge to lose a pant size by Valentines day). I like to incorporate short workouts, weigh-ins, some education and a lot of motivation in my contests. They also have the chance to earn a personal session with me. Win-Win!”

(FYI: we have the perfect resource for running a weight loss challenge just like Ruth mentions here.  Check out our Fitness Results Manual and/or email for a free demo)

From Dale Terry – Fitness Professional

The most important thing I do to get or keep clients coming back is to insure they know that I really care about them and their health. It may sound simple, but it must be genuine. In other words you must mean it. I work with a lot of older adults, and it is very important that they know that you care and will do everything you can to keep them safe. You have to love what your do and it will come through in your passion.  I think making a difference in someone’s life and health is the most important thing a trainer can do. You have to listen and have patience and not rush things. You have to be in the moment, and give full attention to the person you are with at that time. Again simple, but in this age with so many gadgets and distractions, keeping focused is sometimes a lost art. If a person knows you are their for them, they will feel it. That is what I do to make people want to come back.

Yours in health, fitness & business,

Sherri McMillan

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Hope you enjoyed all of these client getting initiative ideas from your fellow fit pros!

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