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Over the past few weeks I have showed you how to prepare for and create an alluring weight loss challenge. We are getting close to launching our Spring Makeover Challenge. Our trainers are heavily recruiting participants for their teams. Here is an email, our trainer Kristin, sent out to her past Spring Makeover Challenge participants. Remember, marketing and creating an interesting competition are top priorities if you want to run a successful weight loss challenge.



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Hi There,

It is THAT time of the year… time to start thinking about dropping a few pounds before Summer! I would LOVE to have you on my team again this year BUT, if you want to join another team I totally understand. I’ve added team descriptions below.

Check them out, and join the team that calls to you the most.

If you choose team Kristin, get ready to start saying NO to the extras in life that we are constantly bombarded with…. extra treats, extra dinner dates, extra indulgences. And YES to structure & discipline to get your nutrition and exercise back in control. As always, it won’t be fun but it will totally be worth it in the end!! 🙂

Team Kristin 

Whole Body Rejuvenation
It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable… that is where the magic happens
. We will be eliminating all of the excesses from our diets… no sugar, no alcohol, and no processed foods to all some space for food that will nourish every cell in your body. You will cut calories safely and massively increase your cardio/workouts based on what you are currently doing. We will create a routine to ensure you reach personal success that includes, well-rounded workouts, nutrition that will decrease chronic inflammation and disease along with daily stress management tactics. YOU come first during this Spring Makeover Challenge.


product-results-manualOne of the reasons our Spring Makeover Challenge is so successful is because we offer and use the Fitness Results Manual as the main resource for participants. This is a 100 page resource tool that walks participants through the importance of cardio, strength training, nutrition and more. There is a 6 week plan that both trainers and the participants follow to ensure they are reviewing all the material. This is a resource tool we use for this Spring Makeover Challenge, we give it to new clients, use it for corporate wellness programs and so much more!


Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan


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Stairmaster HIIT(r) Certification May 4th

Both @ our downtown Vancouver, WA Northwest Personal Training Studio



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