Overcoming Obstacles And Excuses – Week 2

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Hey Fit Pros,
Here we are at week 2 of our 5 week Overcoming Obstacles and Excuses series.  We hear these next two excuses over and over again!  It is time to have a response that will help your clients get over these obstacles once and for all!

I have no energy
Those who exercise regularly know from experience that exercise actually leaves you with more energy!  Some helpful strategies for overcoming this obstacle are to have your clients’ schedule exercise when they are less likely to feel exhausted from a long day at work or with the kids.  Have them get up 45 minutes earlier than everyone else and go for a walk.  It will start their day off on a positive note.  Suggest they keep their fitness gear in the car so that on the way home they can stop at the gym for their workout.  If they go home first, the couch and TV may be too tempting after a long day at work.  Or if they do find themselves skipping out on their workouts because they’ve got no energy, have them schedule in their workouts with you or a friend.  Whether they are tired or not, they still have to be there because someone is waiting for them.

I’m too old to start exercising
No, they would be too old not to exercise!   Every decade a 30-year-old sedentary individual will suffer from a 10 percent decrease in muscle mass and aerobic capacity and a reduction in flexibility.  Bone density deteriorates starting at age 35.  By the time your clients are 68, they will have experienced an 80 percent decrease in strength.  By age 80, an individual will have lost half of their muscle mass.  The good news is that if your clients exercise, these statistics will improve dramatically.  Even people as old as 90 have experienced the positive benefits of exercise so it is never too late to get started.  The Surgeon General’s Report indicates that 30 minutes of activity every day is enough to achieve various health benefits.  The level of activity is equivalent to gardening, performing household chores or light walking or cycling. Consider enrolling your clients in a line-dancing or ballroom dancing program.  Perhaps Tai Chi or Mind/Body stretch would be enticing to your clients. It doesn’t have to be intense, but they do need to start doing something!

Stay tuned for next week’s obstacles & excuses…and how we combat them!

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