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yogabrighterverticalI am sure many of your clients are stretched for time, have too much on their plates and are stressed. Then they come to you looking for a hard workout and think that pushing themselves to the limits during every workout will help elevate their stress. Not necessarily so!

A growing body of scientific evidence has supported mindful exercise as a significant means of favorably altering various aspects of health. Scientific research on Yoga has been enormous (well over 2000 studies) since the first research began in the late 1920’s and since 1985, thousands of research abstracts have been published on Tai Chi. Ralph LaForge, MD, a physician specializing in the benefits of mind/body exercise reports…..

“….meditation and mindful exercise have been credited with reducing stress and helping to manage anger and depression, improving muscular strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, reducing falls in the elderly, improving glucose tolerance, enhancing cardiovascular health, increasing self-awareness, self-efficacy and personal empowerment, decreasing pain and pain sensitization, reducing blood pressure, improving lipid profile, improving bone mineral density, improving pulmonary function, decreasing mortality in hypertensive individuals, decreasing mortality and/or clinical events associated with cardiovascular disease and more…”

That’s a long list of benefits!

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Exercise is a physical stress to the body and with the popularity of High Intensity Fitness Training programs like Bootcamps and Cross-Fit, people are adding additional stressors that may be compounding the negative repercussions of stress. People who go hard all the time at work and in their lives, need to find a balanced approach to their workouts. There’s no need to go hard all the time at the gym. Exercisers would experience more positive change if they took the time to just slow down and participate in more mindful, focused breathing and movement. So help your clients balance their weekly workout regime with a couple hard, moderate and easy workouts.

Luckily, people are taking note and starting to implement mind/body meditation exercise. Even just stopping yourself when you’re feeling stressed and focusing on slow, deep breathing can be very helpful.

Send these stress relieving tricks to your clients:

  • 5 minutes of mindful meditation when you first wake up each morning or right before you go to bed
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Contract and relax your muscles moving from your toes to your head
  • Make a mental list of everything you are grateful for
  • Becoming aware of your senses and observing what you hear, feel or see

Remember that not all workouts need or should be intense. Help your clients build training schedules that include workouts with a variety of intensity levels and some mind/body components.

Yours in health, fitness & business,
Sherri McMillan

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