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Hey Fitness Pros.

I just finished our 2010 Marketing Plan. It includes all the adventures we’ll be organizing throughout the year, our internal marketing campaigns, our external marketing initiatives, any special programs we’ll be hosting, all seminars we’ll be offering, promotions we’ll be running, team training we’ll be using to advance our trainers’ skills and various other critical business initiatives throughout the whole year.

It feels so good to have it all done. Now, I take all the items and add them to my Time Management system – I use Outlook. Then the system triggers me to do everything I need to do throughout the year to guarantee a successful and prosperous year.

This is the kind of organizational system that needs to be in place to do over $1,000,000 per year in a 5000 square foot facility.

“Fail to plan and Plan to Fail” so take some time to plan out your whole year and then all you have to do is execute! If you wait too long to plan, by the time you start to plan, it will be too late to execute in a fashion that will guarantee success.

Yours in health, fitness and business,

Sherri McMillan

ps. If you are part of our Personal Training MasterMind group, you get a copy of our entire yearly plan and all supporting documents, fliers, forms etc throughout the year to help you execute. All for only $149/month! It’s like having me as your boss directing you on what you need to do…the only difference is you get to decide whether you actually listen to me or not! 🙂 FYI – those that do, are enjoying significant increases in PT revenues! Contact to get started. We’re offering $100 off your first month – so only $49 this month to get real-time access to everything we’re doing at NWPT!

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